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About NYPD

Step aside, everyone! A brand-new Amilgov has arrived in Habbo, and it’s called Habbo NYPD. Founded by the dynamic trio of vug, Skin, and 7th, this agency promises to bring a fresh perspective and a unique set of services to the community. 

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Positive Community Environment

Finding a positive community can be challenging. Fear not, as Habbo NYPD offers a positive community environment to all who join us.

Enormous Opportunity

Additionally, we provide exceptional and distinct back-to-back training to our NYPD community, and some basic skills that you can apply in real life.

Medals and Honors with Bonuses

Recognizing and rewarding excellence, we offer a variety of medals and honors to those who serve well in our agency, including bonus incentives.

NYPD Squad

Join the elite team of the Habbo NYPD, comprising top-notch professionals dedicated to working alongside you. Ensure a secure future by becoming a part of our ranks and gaining valuable insights into the ins and outs of the NYPD.

Benefit from our comprehensive training programs designed to enhance your skills and knowledge.

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Dir. Police Commissioner


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1st. Deputy Commissioner

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Why wait any longer? Join us now to explore our amazing community, impeccably constructed headquarters, and thrilling experiences exclusively available at Habbo NYPD.